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Anime Shrine: El Bastardo

by on September 18th, 2009 at 2:01 pm, under Image, Text


Hello folks. Below are the necessary bullet point facts but before I want to say some words to the photos.
So why are my photos more special than any other photos you ask?? – Because they are authentic and real.
With the (obvious) exception of the katana on the bed (which is in fact a real one) everything is exactly as it is every day. No posing of figures in special ways, no piling up of all my manga and DVDs, this is the real room I live in.

And no this is not just an excuse for not cleaning it before the photo shooting ^_^ (hey it’s not that dirty anyway).

Please excuse the poor lighting of the pictures but this room has poor lighting conditions to begin with and I do not own an SLR just a compact digital camera with a normal crappy flash light.

On the walls you see my poster arrangement like I had it for the last “I can’t remember anymore how long” years so this is a premiere. Only for you (OK not only but you are the trigger for doing it), live and now I do a “before after” and rearrange my wallpapers collection. See the new version I call “maximum space exploitation” with the last two photos!!

* Nickname: El Bastardo
* Age: 27
* Have been an otaku since 1994 (over 15 years)
* Nationality: German
* Location of the room: Germany
* My collection consists of everything nerdy: Figures (including over 100 Gashapons), video games, anime, manga, artbooks and all the good stuff. Especially my figure collection can be seen at
* How much money it already drained out of my life I can’t say but that’s what life is for!!
* Favorite Item?? – I’m the type of guy that can’t just focus on one aspect (like MMORPG players can) but I’m proud of my Mononoke Hime hard cover Japanese first edition artbook
* You can find my latest thoughts at my personal shrine
* Why my room is a unique example: It’s maximum “otakuness” on limited space, figure love to the best and it just has the “fan factor”.
* Some people ask me “Hey when do you stop with these childish hobby of yours. Will you still do it when you are over 50??” – And I say “YES” ^_^ !!

If someone want to ask: Yes, the two non anime related posters on the wall you see is from the “X-Files”. I was a huge fan back in the days and I just loves Gillian Anderson. Not visible is the classic “I want to believe” poster from agent Mulder.

If the tiny possibility might happen that my exotic room is chosen to be shown to the world in the book I can make additional and/or better photos.
And also yes I know it’s not only packed it’s jammed. So many things in only 13m² is nuts. Subwoofer under the tables, seven loudspeakers cramped in every little nook but it’s effective and I like it that way.

Hope you like it too and if not that’s even better because that would proof I’m unique ^_- !!

Click through for his collection.

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