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WikiHow: How to Wear a Naruto Headband

by on September 17th, 2009 at 12:55 pm, under Image, Text


Many times you see people wearing Naruto headbands who just look stupid. You also see people who can look good in these. You could explain it as wearing the headband in a casual way.

If you’re worried about looking stupid, but still want to wear that headband, this article will try to help!

  1. Choose from several ways that you can wear the Naruto headband:
    • As a belt. Just pull the cloth material through the belt loops on your pants and tie in the back. Have the headband centered in front of you.
    • Around your forehead just below your hairline, with the metal piece in front.
    • Around your neck. Tie the cloth snugly around your neck with the metal plate facing forward. This seems to look best while wearing a hoodie sweatshirt or a jacket.
    • Around you leg. Tie the material tight enough so that it does not fall off. (It works well when your sitting, but when you start to move it starts to fall off). Again, place the metal part forward. You can use safety pins to attach it to your pants, but be careful not to stab yourself!


  • All of the above ways work great, but experiment! There are tons of possibilities on how you can wear it.
  • If you aren’t comfortable with how you look, chances are you’ll look like a Narutard to others. So mess with it, and find a way to wear it that goes with your own personal ‘style’.
  • When wearing your headband on your head, keep most of your hair over it.
  • You can put the headband on and then pull your hair out from it. Just adjust your hair so it looks good. Try to make the symbol visible too. Or you can tie your headband on your head and then slide it down to your neck and slide it back up again, this will get a lot of your hair above the band.
  • Don’t worry what you look like to others.
  • Ways that look bad:
  • Kakashi’s Way – Positioning the metal part crookedly on your head.
  • Other’s Way – Extremely high on the leg (unless you’re a girl).
  • If the metal is sticking out, try to make it ‘bend’ with your head. If you can bend it so that it’s got the same curve as your head.

Click through for a gallery of fools wearing these.

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