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Meet Okysho Kenyaku

by on September 16th, 2009 at 8:12 pm, under Image, Text

Hey everyone, meet Okysho Kenyaku (non-anime name: Elliot Wong)

A Chinese man pretending to be a Japanese man pretending to be Grey Acumen.

A Chinese man pretending to be a Japanese man pretending to be Grey Acumen.

From his xanga:

About Me

  • About Me: Hard-core Asian who loves anime, video games and martial arts! I live for The Seals of Onykieto, a series which I’ve been writing for the past five years!!


  • Where I shop: Anime north, Extreme anime, Quicksilver, bootlegger
  • Brands I love: Quicksilver, Nintendo
  • I like to wear: Harley Davidson riding boots, Black leather jacket, dark jeans, Cloud Strife hairstyle, dual crossed belts
  • Can’t live without: Kiri-chan my Personal Digital assistant
  • Prized Possessions: Kiri-chan, My jump drive, my sword
  • Guilty Pleasure: being a hero

More About Me

  • Nicknames: Okysho, Oky, Oky-boy
  • Nationality: Chinese and Italian
  • Religion: Taoist
  • Heroes: Marth, Vash the Stampede, Himura Kenshin,Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Winston Churchill
  • Interests: Anime, video games, Manga, Martial Arts, Sword arts, writing, drawing, website design, programming computers
  • Expertise: Manga, writing, web design, programming
  • Occupation: Freelance voice actor
  • Industry: Idome industries

Oh!! Hidden cane swords!! Those are pretty hardcore too!!

Man it sounds like You’ve managed to get yourself some really nice blades!! I paid too much for my Master sword to attempt to cut anything…. Much to afraid I’d damage the blade, after all it’s North American…

But yes, highly looking forward to this new season’s releases! Though I don’t own a 360 myself, there are quite a few titles I’ve been looking forward to… but that’s another topic.

Personally if I had a choice, I”d be carrying around a Chinese Jian, since I’m pretty sure wearing swords is illegal (Just like Meiji!!) but since I can’t I’ve been wanting to get myself a blunted pair of Eimie Piercers, a Kubaton and one of those extanable night sticks. Martial Arts and Close combat is really my thing.

Oosu Mina-san!!

I’m Okysho Kenyaku, Hajimemashite, dozo yoroshiku o-negaishimasu!

Looking forward to lots of funzies!!

Wow, Elliot seems to be a pretty cool dude! According to the personal history he gives, he is apparently a sword-wielding martial artist, professional high-profile voice actor, and extremely talented artist that is best known for his world renowned magnum opus: The Seals of Onykieto.

God himself weeps with envy of such talent.

God himself weeps with envy of such talent.

What is The Seals of Onykieto about? Apparently it’s pretty much just a rewritten Final Fantasy story with Elliot-uh, I mean Okysho Kenyaku and his quest to save the world and look like Marth from Fire Emblem as much as possible.

Okysho’s childhood was a rather normal one, he watched anime, played video games ect. Even though he seems like a gentle, but unsecluded boy, he spent most of his life defending his sister from older boys who liked to pick on her while they went to the same elementry school. Because of this, Okysho is used to protecting something, he often times found himself defending Ruriko during elementry and a little through high school also. After his parents moved to the U.S. because of work opportunities and demands, Okysho then had to take over running the household, paying bills, housework and other things of the sort. Sometimes if he’s lucky, he can get Ruriko to help him out, although the help does come with much reluctancy. Okysho remains a kind-hearted, good-natured boy for his age and protective of everyone close to him.
Just because he defends a lot of people, doesn’t mean he hasn’t seen hard times either. While trying to defend his sister and friends from people that were much bigger, or stronger than him, Okysho usually was beaten up at school on a regular basis until he was strong enough to hold his own in a fist fight. Two years ago, Okysho’s troubles streached a bit too far, ending in a alleyway brawl. Okysho nearly lost his life after one of the brawlers pulled a knife on him. He escaped with a scar on his right shoulder.
Okysho is the decendant of Onykeito,a lord of the Alamarine court and was the first seal who embarked on the journey to destroy Kaimako and awaken the original seals to bring balance to world through the goddesses powers.

Let’s take a look at some choice selections from the greatest story ever written.

“Okysho wake up!” There was a loud thump as Okysho Kenyaku rolled out of bed onto
the hardwood floor.
“Ow.” He said with his face still planted into the plank dented with marks from so many
other times before. He looked at the clock it was only five A.M. He sat up and looked
upwards towards his friend towering above him with a look of anger on his companions

Trying not to block the crowd Kenishido urged to Okysho. “Come on you sponge head
Ruriko’s gonna give us shit if we don’t find her in two minutes.” Okysho smacked
Kenishido on the back of that head with two fingers and pointed in front of them.

You can’t tell, but I had to take a 30 minute break from writing this article because I was too overwhelmed with awe to continue. If you’d like to contact Elliot Okysho Wongshokyudesu about his story, feel free to register on his forums. Please do actually, because all the posts pretty much consist of him talking to himself.

Has anyone here ever taken some kind of sword training? Not necessarily martial art sword training in this case, but any kind at all? When I was in Kung-Fu I learned how two use a short sword (I also learned how to use two) and even though I’m not taking it anymore I still practice it. I was taught some of the escrima stick fighting form, which is derived from the Spanish word for sword. It’s a Philipino form of stick fighting (which was used in place of swords since the Spanish took them away). It has very simple, basic, yet effective moves which are the fundamentals for most sword styles, it’s very useful. There are twelve basic strikes as well as three main types of blocks (though technically there are not suppose to be any blocks in escrima). I was taught a few disarming techniques also, they work in pretty much any situation, really handy stuff.

Anyone else learn any kind of swords? I wanna learn some Kendo or Bushido if I ever get the chance, just so I can mix things up from two 1 handed swords (or 1 one handed sword) to a two handed. Plus Japanese sword arts look like a lot of fun! Yay University and their random Kendo clubs!

Like most great artists of this generation, Elliot has a DeviantArt account. Let’s take a look at some of his great works.

Otaku Dreams

Otaku Dreams

Okysho comes to life...

Okysho comes to life...

His DeviantArt also holds a journal where he records his most private and personal thoughts.

Forgive me for being pessimistic, but as an artist I really have to ask. I’m I wasting my time doing what I’m doing? After putting five years into the Seals of Onykieto, as much fun as it was writing and visualizing and drawing everything to do with it, giving as much of my time as I could, I feel like it wasn’t worth the end result that I got from it, utter neglect. Given all the time and effort I put into it (Despite not being able to finish the mini-manga on time) is it really time to throw in the towel? Do I finally admit defeat that simply the world’s lack of interest has beaten me? Or is it really the other way around? Ami just not trying hard enough? I have to truly wonder now…

So now I’m turning this question to you. Those few who have at least glanced, even appreciated the effort that I’ve put into my work so far. Is it worth it to keep going? Do I try harder to fight to the top? Or is that it? Time to give up and throw in the towel? I’d really appreciate everyone’s opinion on this, because this is a pretty big decision of mine that I’ve been thinking about, ever since I created

So please, let me know, I have to know. Have I been wasting the last five years of my life?


Is this thing on?

Ok here we go!!

I figured that since I’ve had a profile here for about four or five years that it was about damn time I started using this thing for something decent.

Yosh!! Ikimashoo!!!

SO what has Oky been up to lately? Well despite all me evil plan hatching lately it seems that thanks to the completion of school for this year, I can finally get my life back on track, the life that’s been on hold for almost a year ever since I got back from Vancouver.

So here’s what’s happened thus far.

The Shrine of Onykieto, ( has gone through (rather is going through) a major update, content, news, pictures, all of it. Seal 5 has finally been polished and is shining rather nicely at the moment and I’m expecting to get through Seal 6 again by the weekend.

The Second Mini-comic has been completed, with… … satisfactory results… Let me just say one thing in my defense… GUNDAMS ARE HARD TO DRAW!!!! … … … … … … Right… I’ll get to work on the next one… ‘sigh’

That being said, Okysho has been sparked by inspiration and I’ve started to do a special 20 page (well about 19 pages) MINI-MANGA!!!! It’s not really revolved around shenanigans this time, I’ve decided to give it an actual “side story” type of plot. Thus far…. the first page looks great!!! Yeah… I’ve got my work cut out for me…

Finances!!! Okysho has managed to get himself a summer job! Great, I know eh? My building of the websites does not come cheap!! ~_^ This is wonderful news considering Okysho’s tuition fees for next year will probably be close to about 20k PER YEAR!!! Since I’m dirt poor, I’m doing my best to milk every dollar I can out of my resources. So I’ll be working hard as usual.


That’s it!! Looks like things are going to be hectic from now until the big moving day!

And maybe, juuuuuust maybe if I can find the time, I’ll do a deviant ID

His talents don’t just end there! He is also a MASSIVELY popular voice actor.

Voice Demo

My voice is friendly, gentle, warm, fun, young, energetic for young characters or narration, musical and artistic for music vocals or songs, smooth and professional for serious recordings. I can bend my voice in almost every aspect to suit needs such as high-pitched, upbeat characters or deep-voiced, cool and slick characters for T.V. video games or a podcast.

Talent like this doesn’t come along often (hint hint Nintendo), so please let Elliot know how much you enjoy his many talents!

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