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Gokufievel: A Level Beyond Asperger’s

by on September 12th, 2009 at 4:07 pm, under Image, Text, Video

It was requested that we feature the author of the 9/11 anime tribute, Undimmed by Anime Tears, so here we go.


Here’s gokufievel’s claim to fame:

Here is the man himself:


Goku shirt. Fuck. Yes.

Goku shirt. Fuck. Yes.

Greetings I am GokuFievel,

My real name is Aaron Banks.

I chose the name GokuFievel because it sums up my two favorite Animation genres Don Bluth American Animation and Anime. Plus GokuFievel sounds like GokuFrieza. Goku from DragonBallZ and Fievel from An American Tail Fievel Goes West and others.

I work many jobs from Security Gaurd to Pizza Delivery Driver and other odd jobs to get by, but I’m lousy at saving my money.

My brother got me into Anime in 1999 (I’m a Toonami Generation) Yes I know that all of you Old Schoolers look down on me like that…I know…I know, I know most of you have been into Anime since the 70’s and 80’s. I was just like every other American saying to my brother…”Stop it Mike this is a CARTOON! IT’S STUPID!” But I started to watch it and I got more and more into Dragon Ball Z.

However later I became a TRUE ANIME FAN because my brother lost interest in DBZ when Majin Buu came out (can’t blame him) Later I got into Sailor Moon which my brother thought I was a freak for watching but I started getting a crush on those girls. Got a little bit into Pokemon, (just a little) and then I became a TRUE ANIME FAN once I saw RANMA 1/2, Tenchi Muyo, and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

I like to go to small Anime Conventions and I also love to host them as well.

I have a TV SHOW on my Local Public Access Station TVTV Channel 11 called: “The Aaron Banks Show” which is a comedy satire show on current events like MadTV or SNL. The Anime Oasis Convention from 2002 to 2006 has aired on that TV station many times as well.

Like I said I tried acting and I got pretty far I got major parts in Las Vegas but I totally blew it in Los Angeles during my auditions. Besides I’d rather direct so that I can control what I make.”

Here’s one of his fantastic journal entries documenting his experience in a Japanese Animation college course:


Gokufievel runs a horrible website named after himself, which compiles thousands upon thousands of words about nothing. Topics range from anime jokes to fanfiction. Everything on his site is novel length, so it’s difficult to insert much of it here. Instead of full posts, I will provide some excerpts.

Anime Jokes by gokufievel

GokuFievel: Who will the Nameks want to vote for in the election?

Ralph Nader of the “Green Party”! Cha Ching!

GokuFievel: What did Sailor Moon say to Amara?

“Up URANAS!!!”

GokuFievel: What do you call someone in the NAVY showing his butt?


GokuFievel: What does Pikachu say when he has a cold?


The man who wrote and finds these jokes funny is nearly 30 years old. 30 fucking years old.


Don't even think about it.

Don't even think about it.

Gokufievel weighs in on politics:

“How are Pokémon and politicians the same?” A: For two reasons. One is, no one understands a word they say! And two, they both repeat their names over and over again! “Pika-Pika-Pickachu”=”Bill, Bill, Bill Clinton””I am Bill Clinton” “Squirtle,Squirtle,Squirtle”=”Bob Dole, Bob Dole, Bob Dole, come on people vote for me!” “Meeeooowwth!!!!”=”VOOOTEEE FOR MEEEEE!!!! “Digglet used withdraw”=”This Presidential candidate withdrawled! “Cubone can tend to be a mean Pokemon and cares only for itself”=Most politicians “Ditto is a Pokemon that has the power to morph or turn itself into anybody and anything.”=Follow the polls.

Ha!Ha!Ha! I’ll bet now you’ve got it! I should have put this up front! And for those of you who didn’t get those jokes, “What’s the matter don’t you watch CNN?”

In addition to his horrible website, gokufievel maintains a YouTube account much like every other horrible anime fan. His account is filled with video reviews and top 10 lists of anime.

This is the worst fucking video:

A grown, bearded man ranting about Cartoon Network:

Some of the things that were far too long to post here include a gigantic summary of Dragon Ball Z and a Pokemon Obituary, documenting in thousands of words the end of the Pokemon craze.

Here’s a collection of links to various gokufievel resources if you would like to see more.

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