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Grumpy Jiisan Talks Some Anime.

by on September 4th, 2009 at 11:52 am, under Video

Get yourselves comfortable for this one; depending on how patient you are, you can spend a month watching this scholar like I have, and still not even finish one-third of what he’s made.

This is Grumpy Jiisan.


Grumpy Jiisan is an old man. He loves hiking in Arizona, and by God does he love to talk some anime. He does a mixture of both in each of his 142 Anime Video Reviews (as of this post).

Each of his videos go as close as they can to breaking the YouTube upload limit, as he details entire anime series down to the individual music composers. Grumpy Jiisan is not a discriminatory man, he seems to like every anime he reviews.

Words don’t do it justice. Try for yourself to see how long you can watch just a few of these:

Here Grumpy Jiisan details the fascinating world of little anime girls with big guns.

No man is a true anime video reviewer without watching the classics like Haruhi, and of course…

Devil May Cry. The anime.

She goes from “nani” to “yatta” in record time.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, there’s sort of a recurring theme with Grumpy Jiisan and anime series centering on young anime girls.

Really, this update could go on forever, but take a look for yourself and I’m sure Grumpy Jiisan has already reviewed the anime you’ve been dying to see.

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