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Since all delusional anime fans believe they are special unique snowflakes filled with boundless talent, most of them do things like draw shitty pictures or write shitty stories. Emerald Templar is no exception. Let’s take a look at a small part of his long running self-insert fantasy series. Please keep in mind that he is 21 years old and this was written very recently. Be sure to tell him how much you love his writing!

The incantation had not even finished before the familiars attacked, their little forms suddenly leaping up at him. They were not matter. The demons realized far too late that they were doomed. The last thing they saw was the fierce, intense flash of emerald light from his eyes. And then the spiritual pressure struck, dense, like thousands of invisible blades springing up around him, slashing them apart. The stone’s surface broke and cracked under his feet in a circle around him, dust kicked up from the sudden release. The familiars were simply crushed, and were no more.

The ball of fire came only a second later, but simply dissipated as it collided with his own shield. The sorceror stared wide-eyed at him, his staff coming to level with him as he spoke.

“Sword aura….and a negation seal? Who are you?”

Again, he felt his eyes drawn up to the dragon, the woman in the cage, floating just above their heads. Those purple eyes never left his, locked on to his, and peered down into his very being. And he knew that his were doing just the same to her. And that both of them felt their hearts stir at the very sight of one another. He smiled, causing Airenendel to gasp.

“I am Raosoal!” he bellowed, six wings suddenly springing from his back, feathers and light now all around him, “Seraph King of Heaven, and Dragon Master! And now, you will pay for every last drop of dragonic blood you have spilled!”


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