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The Rage of the Emerald Templar

by on July 11th, 2009 at 10:11 pm, under Hate Mail

Nothing can protect us now… how can we stand against a man that can block bullets with his sword!? Please feel free to contact Emerald Templar and convince him to be our friend again!

Not to disappoint you, but I have better things to do, and much more important concerns at hand, than to play with you. So I’ll be quite plain.

*ahem* If you would have so kindly read the profile you took from my myspace, you would already know that I would not answer that question, nor would I respect you enough to do so. Thusly, you have no answer to it, as I don’t hold you in confidence nor in ability of mental acceptance of such a topic.

In general, human beings can be a very stupid race. You seem to be a perfect example of that.

Also, because I do not know you, nor have you even mentioned your name in passing, I find it hard to believe that you of any importance. You are a nobody, a useless no-name whose opinions, words, and actions amount to nothing. You are nameless, and therefore worthless. If you had read my profile, again, you would have picked up on this. I have dealt with many a fool such as yourself; dealing with one more is a trifle. It was fun while it lasted, I grow bored with you. Farewell, and try not strain your pretty head too much in the future.


His power knows no bounds...

His power knows no bounds...

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