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Bored Anime Gamer Chick, 24/7 – w4m – 24

by on July 2nd, 2009 at 2:59 pm, under Image, Text

craigslist > strictly platonic

Up at 3am after your raid on WoW and bored?
Just own a lot of people in CS and need to brag about it?

Name your game, and talk to a Tech Saavy Sci-fi, Comic, Manga, and Anime loving, Gamer Kitty Chick any time of day (except when I am raiding)

I am in the US Alliance ranked 18 guild! (world ranked in the top 100)
I can tell you how to tweak your WoW toon to succeed.
I’ve led raiding guilds through Sunwell, and even been paid to play in the past.
I built my own PC, so if you’re having issues, I can help!
I can read Hiragana so far (self taught) and know enough Japanese to understand what’s going on :3

My favorite Anime at the moment is Nana.
I also loved Elfen Lied, Death Note, Kino’s Journey, Kodomo no Omocha, and many more series!
I’ve been watching BSG lately, and love it!

I have traveled a lot, and even lived in Australia a couple years.

Ring me and keep me company <3

Look for Kitty Crimson on Keen!
or shoot me an email <3


Thanks, Sam!

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