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Adun’s Fully Sick Loot

by on May 27th, 2009 at 2:53 am, under Image, Text

Some of y’all like to think you’re pro anime. I know how it feels, pickin’ up a wallscroll here and a figurine there. Dot that shit around ya room, get a poster of Ritona Yoko’s gorgeous titties hanging from your ceiling. Everything’s good.

Wrong, faggot. You don’t know anime until you start hauling this shit back in freight containers rusting at the edges from errant moe radiation. Let Adun show you how it’s done.

Well it’s been a long time but I finally got around to posting about all the merchandise that I bought from my Japan trip. I’m pretty sure a lot of you have been waiting for this for quite some time, and I’m glad I finally got to it. Though a few reasons why this is rather late: being lazy, been busy with work, finding room to store it all away etc. Anyway await no longer, hit the jump to check out part 1 of the full coverage of all the items I bought. WARNING: Picture intensive post.


One of the greatest aspects of being in Japan this time around was I had more freedom to do things. And with a more stable job that required less blood from me, I also had a greater freedom in my expenditure. A lot of people always budget their holidays as well as any expenditure on food, transport, and the occasional souvenir. I was very much the same as well as my comrades. But when you have 4 guys who like anime, 2 of them who have a BURNING PASSION to outdo the other in terms of spending, and being in the land of otaku heaven a budget is almost pointless. Though to my surprise my comrades did go over their budget, but not as much as much as myself that I have indeed incurred a debt from them. And was it worth incurring a debt? Why yes of course.


Upon arriving at home in the afternoon where my arrival flight was in the morning, I had plenty waiting for me already. Despite being absolutely tired because of my “programmer’s mode”, my sister wanted to see what I had bought, but I figured let her go through my stuff ahead whilst I get much needed rest. Later on I figured it was time to bunch it all together and see what I actually got. Throughout my trip, I had made numerous trips to the post office that we always got served by the same guy. Every time we went in he knew exactly what to do. Anyway my total box count that I mailed back was 5 and half boxes, with each box heavier than the previous. Sure enough shipping cost was a pain, but thank god I’m not paying double the price.

So yes, 5 and half boxes. The picture above is all 5 boxes and some items from the half box as well as items that I had to store in my suitcase for the flight back. I was rather amused at how little I fit in the suitcase as it was full of souvenirs and clothes, but I preferred it that way. Still I underestimated the amount of souvenirs and clothes I had in my suitcase. Anyway let’s begin the breakdown, and first up: Wonderfest items and random figures!


This would have to be the proudest purchase from Wonderfest for me. 4 Hatsune Miku nendoroids! And two Melissa nendoroids. There is a good reason of why I wanted 4 Mikus. As many of you know, each nendoroid comes with3 interchangeable faces, and since I had 2 beforehand, by having 4 more I can have each one displaying different faces.


A bit of a mixture here. Only the Suzaku and Yuki figmas are from Wonderfest and I originally had two of each. One Yuki went to Rin and the Suzaku went to Tamarket. Pretty much at the Good Smile booth I asked for two of everything they had. Made life easier. I also didn’t want to buy the Suzaku but I bought it anyway because I knew I could just waste the money, lol. The regular Konata and Tsukasa I bought randomly off the shelf where the Konata cosplay was the very first item I bought on my trip. The Hatsune Miku figma I bought on my last day in Japan since this was actually the pre-release that was available during Chara Hobby. And I paid ¥4,000 for it. Also to note, these are the first figmas in my collection as I never bought them before.


Ah some more mixtures. Saber Alter and the Tamaki (alternate colour) were Wonderfest items. I also didn’t want the Saber Alter but again, bought it on a whim and under recommendation from Roobar and one of the Tamarket people. The Nemu is actually a pre-painted statue that I got at Mandarake (thanks to the help of Tamarket on one of the random trips to Akiba).I saw this statue many many moons ago but could never find it for sale. I knew I had to buy it there and then. However I am rather nervous taking it out of the box due to fear of breaking or dropping it. The other figures were gifts from a friend that I was supposed to share amongst my comrades. However none of them wanted them, but I think it was more that they didn’t want to ship them back home in their boxes.

Throughout the trip, I held back on buying figures. One of the things that Roobar and myself always considered when buying figures from Akiba is whether we can buy the figures online. In essence there is no point in buying there and having to ship it home when I can order it online. But when it comes to rarer figures it’s a little different. Thankfully I didn’t find all that many I wanted. Next up, random miscellaneous items.


A Guren model kit from Chara Hobby. This is one of the Chara Hobby exclusive items because this Guren is metallic coated, meaning it’s very shiny.


The only plushies in my entire purchases. The Oryzae I bought from a random table at Wonderfest. They literally had a large box full of them and I thought it would be awesome to have a whole box of them, but one is enough for me. The Konata and Kagami plushies I bought at Comiket at one of the industry booths. I forget which ones but I do know that these were pre-releases as they weren’t meant to be on sale until 5 days after Comiket.




On the list of items that I wanted to buy were DVDs. But alas DVDs are not exactly cheap in Japan. I had other series I wanted to get but these were the only ones I came back with: CLANNAD Volumes 5, 6, and 8 and the original Da Capo 4 boxset collection. These Da Capo DVDs are second hand which made acquiring them rather cheap and still in good condition. I’m happy I finally got this collection and I’m sure I made a particular tanuki proud with this purchase as well. The first boxset also came with a 2004 calendar with some artwork I haven’t seen on the Internet. Next up, books!


Yes I finally have it, the first ARIA Poster Book collection. Though mind you I bought this at K-Books from one of the display cabinets but it was one of those items that I found randomly whilst looking around. I was hesitate at buying at first since this was the day before we headed over to Osaka but alas my comrades and Tamarket egged me on to buy it. And I’m glad I did.


Another mixture here. Starting from the top left is the Comiket 74 catalog and cup pouch that came with it. You could only get this extra item if you bought the catalog from Toranoana. To the right is the Wonderfest guide, but this is also the ticket that allows you to enter. The two Nitro+ books were gifts from a friend which apparently you can only get from Nitro+ themselves and was never for sale. The bottom row is the Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu manga volume 2 which I bought on a whim, next is the ARIA The Origination Guide Book. After that is the Kujira Prologue Book which I found in Mandarake for a mere ¥200. The last item is a 2007 calendar from Nitro+ that came with the other gifts.



From the left is the Da Capo First Fanbook that also comes with a mousepad and drama CD. KEI’s artbook was one of the items that a friend wanted and I bought myself a copy as well. Most of the book covers the Vocaloid characters but it does include other works which are simply beautiful. And the last book is the Sister Princess Sincerely Yours. I had trouble deciding buying this as I could not remember if I already have this book back home. I bought it anyway since it was really cheap, but to my surprise I found out I already have a copy when I got back home. So I gave it to one of my friends.






This was a random buy from K-Books in Ikebukuro. I spotted it on a shelf but had no idea what it had contained. Well something the size close to A3 probably meant posters, and it was cheap hence why I bought it. And to no surprise I was correct about it being posters. Random purchases are always the best.


To the left is a book I found in K-Books covering info about the CLANNAD movie. The other is GA Magazine’s first issue which I spotted in Akiba many times. Truthfully I was drawn to it since it had Corti on the front cover and the extra item that comes with it is a dakimakura cover of Corti. It’s similar to G’s Festival but it doesn’t focus on just the featured anime on the cover.



I’m not much of a gamer these days and I didn’t really plan on buying any games whilst in Japan. However this was the only game that I bought for my PSP. Roobar got himself one and after having a look at the contents of the Megamori box, I figured I should get one myself. My PSP doesn’t see all that much use these days, so a perfect item to remedy that.


Other than the Guren kit, this is the only gunpla that I bought. Gunpla kits in Japan are so damn cheap, so cheap that one of my friends bought 12, well I think he bought 12. All I remember is he bought most of the gunpla kits from Gundam 00. I also bought the paint set as I plan to actually paint this Gundam. Though I don’t see myself doing it anytime soon since painting a Gundam takes a lot of time and I actually want to do a proper job with an airbrush.



These were the last few items I bought on the last day of Japan, as I had to burn off the yen as much as possible. Once again random purchases but the Erika deskmat I would have to be influenced by my purchase of my dollfie. I had a choice between a Nogizaka Haruka or a Toradora clearfile but I opted for Haruka instead.


Now this set of CLANNAD postcards is special. Not special as in it’s a rare item as I’ve seen this in Akiba many times. It’s special because I bought this from the Kyoto Animation studio in Kyoto itself, the same place where I did the Lucky Star photo. My friends still curse me about doing that, lol.


Ah this was the result of one of those gashaphon binges that my friends were on. In Yodobashi Akiba on one of the floors there is a small section full of gashaphon machines. Most gashaphons are ¥200 a go but we stumbled across one that was ¥100, despite the label. So Roobar and I pretty much cleaned out the entire machine and we each got a set of Shugo Chara items. What you see is the Humpty Lock in each of it’s colour as well as the Humpty Key. Oh and a Chara Egg as well that contains little stickers. This is also the only Shugo Chara merchandise I have unfortunately.




These aren’t exactly items I bought. More like freebies when you purchase items from stores like Melon Books or Toranoana. I have a bunch of these from my last Japan trip as well somewhere but freebies are freebies.

One of the items I was adamant about purchasing in Japan was an ARIA Company hat. The first half of the trip I had no luck after searching many of the stores in Akiba, including some of the more mainstream cosplay stores. But in the second half I was fortunate enough to find one. The other item is Shirakawa Kotori’s hat from Da Capo. The most amusing thing about buying this was the girl at the counter asked if it was the right size. Anyway since I’m sure many of you don’t want to see me wearing the hats I got the next best thing: my Botan plushy. Frankly I’m surprised at how well it fits him.


CDs are one of those things I buy purely for collection purposes. I don’t actually listen to them since I have electronic copies of them. The top row are gifts and I have no idea who the artists are. Starting from the middle row to the left: Penguin Musume CD given as a freebie during Wonderfest, Da Capo dolce Vol.1, Da Capo dolce Vol.3, yozuca*’s latest album Ageha. The bottom row from the left: CooRie’s latest album Senritsu no Flare, Nagasarete Airantou 2nd ED single (Koisuru Tenkizu by Horie Yui), Hayate no Gotoku 2nd OP Single (Shichitenhakki Shijou Shugi by Kotoko), and Hayate no Gotoku 1st OP Single (Hayate no Gotoku by Kotoko). Ageha, Senritsu no Flare and dolce Vol.3 are albums I listen to frequently at work and I would have to say that dolce Vol.3 is by far the best album for the Da Capo franchise.


Most would know about this item already but for those new, this is a Jumbo Grade Zeta Gundam. This was pretty much shipped on it’s own due to the sheer size of the box. The best thing about this as well is that it actually transforms as well into a plane. This thing is so big it actually sits in my lounge room since it has no place in my room.

Anyway that’s all for the time being. The next post will consist mostly of my Comiket 74 items as well as a few other items. For some reason I’m missing a few images so I might have to retake them.

So there you have it. You don’t have a damn thing on Adun. Next time you in the club, think about a real playa’s anime collection.

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