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I KNOW there are a substantial number of doll collectors on Hongfire since I’ve communicated with some of them (but not via hongfire PM). I myself have collected some and even some of the amusing clothing that can go with them.

The request would be better if there was research done so that the question showed the author wanted a genuinely serious researched answer. YOu don’t mention how you want to order such things, or if you even want to actually buy them. Composing and re-checking answers takes time, and if it just a casual question whose answers will be tossed as soon as they are read, then it is not so good. I mention this because too many times I have furnished answers just to have then thrown away. KNOWING WHAT YOU WANT is also important. Have you thought about whether or not you want RTA, fully-assembled, kit, or model kit? Or something plushie? Life-sized or not? Many people consider cosplay dolls to be in the category so masking doll supplies are also in the category of “doll”. It is a courtesy to those who give serious answers that a question is formulated so it doesn’t end up being a “tell me everything you know about the giant topic” type of question. Such answers tend to have 95% thrown away which is a waste. AND if you meant “plushie” then chances are that 95% of my answers are thrown away by you since I prefer non-plushie although I have some large plushies (like the giant Totoro that is so large you cannot fit your arms around it (about 3 feet talk it stands guard in the foyer and often gets comments from visitors). I don’t collect hentai plushies nor would I “kit bash” a plushie to convert it to hentai. There are japanese porn shops selling hentai dolls but I have not gone into them (not enough time to even visit all the stores in a week) to see what plushies they have. On top of all that, there are mannequin type dolls. Mannequins are not very realistic, but they are typically life-sized. Attached below is a picture of manniquins. You have to understand that in Tokyo, a large multi-story adult store exist, but awhile, your eyes glaze over because you are worn out by shopping just for anime items. There’s nothing left over for visiting the doll shoppes…. Another concern of “casual questions” where someone asks for shoppes that sell hentai dolls is that many collectors do NOT post such things online. It is a competitive hobby and some items are very scarce and the long time collectors who have put time into the hobby to collect some of the very best items ever made would like to continue collecting.

The Japanese hentai doll market is very large compared to any other part of the world. Unlike in the USA, life-sized realistic doll models are so popular in Japan that there are even retail stores selling them and at least one retail storefront selling only life-sized realistic dolls. Remember that life-sized Japanese are smaller than life-sized Americans. The anatomy of Japanese legs versus caucasian legs is also different. An example image of a life-sized Japanese doll is attached below. Anyways, there are various doll magazines one of which is solely dedicated to life-sized dolls. Yes, there is a life-sized doll magazine which I’ve mentioned and provided URL before at Hongfire in response to someone’s comment. That was Idoloid.

As for non-life-size dolls like those in the 1:4 scale, those are premium dolls and come at a premium price unless they are old ones which may be super cheap! Amazingly cheap. I saw at a shinjuku store one old model was down to 40% of original price plus you got bonus items tossed in. At the 1:6 scale, you get a huge huge huge variety of hentai dolls to choose from. I know one artist in my area that would be able to make life-sized dolls (and has already made some in fact); I toured her artisan doll-factory and was tempted to order one, although I have no idea where I’d put it or what to do with it (no, not that naughty thing!) once I got it.

(1) Look on yahoo japan for those auction sellers. A ton of them.
(2) Visit the URLs of doujin sellers willing to sell to international buyers. A few of these are listed in my Comiket Catalogue torrent page at Some of the doujin shop webpages have featured a few hentai dolls in the past.
(3) Find other collectors in your local anime club. This can work since all of the local anime clubs in my area have people who have at times bought some. However, many people do not like admitting that they collect such things in puritannical America.
(4) Enjoy high-quality detailed images of various ecchi models you would not otherwise buy from sources like Figure which puts out soft and hard cover books feauturing assembled and painted resin kits by amateurs and/or pro competitions. The first year that these started being especially good is 1994.
(5) ComprehensiveDoll Shop List:…oll_shops.html

(1) …would visit Japanese anime or model conventions in particular Wonderfest (summer or winter). I went to Wonderfest in Tokyo and found many cels and unique 1:6 and 1:4 scale model kits as well as completely assembled models.
(2) ….would visit Akihabara and if not too embarrassed the section of store with the doll clothing…. A basic guide to visiting is at:…ShoppingGuide/ and please note the person dislikes sites like hongfire, boxtorrents, and fansubbers because they are breaking the law.
(3) …would look up the retail storefronts outside of Akihabara/Nagano which have assembled and prepainted dolls. I remember one in a 2nd floor shinjuku shoppe and two in shibuya. But after akihabara, you will probably not have leftover money.
(4) ….might assemble and/or customize low-cost dolls by use of putty, epoxy, acrylic layering, and the other usual resin-kit style painting methods. These are the cheap hard-plastic cast dolls which provide a substrate for you to work with. For example, with some work, you could turn…fest2005su.jpg into something as far-fetched as Madoka Ayukawa. That was just a rhetorical comment as a sword would be out of character for Madoka.
(5) Download a scanned torrented copy of Idoloid magazine. This is the magazine for collectors of life-sized realistic dolls. I suppose you may want it to see the advertisements as well. Idoloid is at:

(1) Saki mentioned Realdoll. There is are other usa competitors to realdoll at:
(2) There are quite a few realistic doll makers in Japan. Among which are: <– may block non-japan sites
(3) Japanese vending machines may sell beer, hentai manga, and even hentai dolls. Here are some examples of hentai dolls sold thru vending machines:…rno-shops.html
(4) Japanese Vending Machines:
(5) Hihokan museums in Japan: Can you imagine President Bush allowing such museums to exist in the USA??? He’d be a cool president. *wink*
(6) Besides dolls, there is a LOT of items based upon pillows. That is fairly close to the plushie concept, but imagine pillows vaguely shaped like anime characters. Then, there is the life-sized HUGGING PILLOW. Hugging Pillows are so popular that even Microsoft Japan released a limited edition Dead or Alive Kasumi hugging pillow to go with the limited edition Xbox release.…203/kasumi.htm
(7) This is the type of hugging pillow art from the Comiket 65 Catalog time period:…nakomakura.jpg
(8)Some hugging pillows are not life-sized:
(9)One of the many examples of hugging pillows: *warning* hentai link, do not visit if you dislike gundam seed.
(10)Example of a place that customizes pillows. Of course, once you have the basic pillow, you can just go to many shoppes and buy different slipcases for them. Those can be pretty cheap to mail.
(11) Besides “dolls” there are full-body suits to dress up as a anime character. They don’t look realistic so as much as they make someone look like a doll. It includes leggings to give that smooth anime look to the legs. An image “Full Body Masks” is attached below. Masking costumes are sold at all kinds of places including Akihabara. “Sabrina” is a famous masker with more info at: and the homepage at: (galleries and video/webcam). Sabrina looks like a girl, but everyone keeps saying it is a guy! One of the many places with info on how you can be a masker at the next anime convention is at:

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