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Hi, My Name is Anthony!

by on May 10th, 2009 at 11:25 am, under Image, Text

This is Anthony, better known as Alpha_Dogg or aj12349.





Well its a good thing Anthony doesn’t care, because we wouldn’t want to hurt a pedophile’s feelings.

from Anthony’s deviantart page:

Why I Am Here
– To become a better artist
– To be a forum whore
– To find other furries

Anthony is a very skilled artist with his own unique signature, just in case someone might try to take credit for his valuable sketches!!!:




When he isn’t busy masturbating to his terrible drawings or working on commission, Anthony loves to dream about having sex with children. This last image is truly disgusting, and obviously not safe for work.


Please Anthony, if you can, try to keep your urges to just the furry level and just dry hump your dog instead if you can’t control yourself.

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