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GreyAcumen: I AM THE SWORD

by on May 5th, 2009 at 11:18 pm, under Image, Text

I did this after reading over World of White, it inspired most of the style and to a slight extent some of the content…

I am the blade, the cold, the forged, the focus, die.
I am the edge, the steel, the bend, the rock, the hell, the eye
I am the burn, the heat, the fever, the rise, the lust
I am the dead, the empty, the void, the hope, the trust

Tell me, who are you whose name seems nothing more than that which passed?
Tell me what that name means to you who clings to the lie so fast?
What do you seek in absolution, an answer or the key to life?
A way out, an escape, seek nothing more than for a chance to rid yourself of strife?
How does hell compare to this, the heaven built on earth?
When dreams are stacked against our doubts, how can one take measure of their worth?

I am the steel, the ride, the high, the rush, the run
I am the flex, the warp, the riddle, the answer, the only one
The try, the pure, the key, the door, the endless everlasting
The cry, the tear, the pain the fear, the improving and exacting

Tell me this dream you see, does it contain the soul you hold your own?
Who does it share to face the burden, when life is too great to face alone?
Tell me what do you do to become more than what you were?
How do you last against the pressure, continue to strive even when unsure?
Why is this hope unbreakable, indestructible absolutely?
What you do, do for you. Don’t let it pass you while you stand aside so mutely.

I am the dreamer, the dream, the awakening, the sight
I am the forge, the war, the battle, the need and the fight
I am the right, the love, the ocean, the wave, the night
I am the breeze, the sky, the star, the moon, the light

I am the knight, the samurai, let my blade be thine, I will never let you die, I’ll be there for all time.
Choose as you must,
only you can choose who to trust.

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